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Marine Engineering Services

AGME has been among the leaders in air conditioning and refrigeration systems and is rapidly gaining recognition as a comprehensive Marine Engineering solutions provider. AGME was built in the year 1981 upon the legacy of innovation and commitment. Through our market leading products and solutions, we are constantly striving to facilitate our clients by providing safe, comfortable and productive work places for their employees in the Marine sector.

AGME, a pioneer in the field, takes pride in the high technical knowledge and experience of its team. At AGME, we take pride in having the expertise and ability to build and retrofit systems & units to adapt with new technology onboard. AGME works closely with customers to identify problems and creates solutions for Marine & Industrial Engineering that correspond to the actual needs of the customer. We customize the systems to fit to the clients’ needs and requirements and, thus, are considered Reliable Consultants and Solution Providers.

AGME technicians are proficient in providing Explosion Proof equipment and services as per the industry standards for a safe environment in Oil Fields & Tankers. Over three decades of experience, plus extensive knowledge of old & modern technology and industry standards, has helped us develop systems that put emphasis on quality & safety and are environmentally friendly.

AGME's business has evolved from Air Conditioning & Refrigeration to Marine Engineering. Our services include, but are not limited to, designing, consultation, fabrication, installation, maintenance, repairs of heavy machinery and providing spares of technical parts for both Marine & Oil / Gas Industries. AGME is expanding rapidly and has gained recognition from its customers as a reliable company that takes pride in its customer service, swift feedback, punctuality, availability 24x7 and possession of high technical knowledge of industry standards.

Today, AGME is active in the UAE and the Middle East. Our comprehensive track record of substantially large Marine & Industrial projects has propelled us to a leadership position in the industry with satisfied local and international clients. AGME has exhibited the ability to continuously grow in this very competitive industry and demonstrated that the hard work of our teams will continue to sustain us in our leadership position in the market.

Recognizing that nothing is more important than loyalty and reliability, our motto is “Quality is Job #1”