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Where are we going?

Our objective is to find safe, better and more efficient ways of adding value to our customer's systems - we intend to take on bigger and more complex projects in both domestic and global markets so as to become the first choice for Marine solutions.

Our company's philosophy is strongly reflected in our core values; and having stood the test of time, our inclination towards end-to-end transparency and sound governance remain our top priorities. The principles supporting this philosophy are:

Customer Satisfaction ▼
Customer Satisfaction at AGME goes well beyond the average customer satisfaction survey forms. At AGME, the "level" of customer satisfaction is the primary basis for all incentive compensations. This is true for every person, at every level and at all functions within AGME.

Commitment ▼
We do what we love - and therefore commitment to our jobs, customers and other stakeholders comes naturally to our team of professionals. This adherence to commitment has led to AGME's acceptance as one of the leading Industrial & Marine air conditioning and refrigeration firms in the region.

Quality ▼
Our aim is not to meet customers' expectations - it is to "exceed" it and to better ourselves continuously in all technical and operational facets of the business.

Integrity ▼
Our motto: "There is no such thing as a tiny lapse of integrity". We understand how integrity issues eat into a company's performance and, consequently, when it comes to integrity, there is no room for lapses - big or small.

Innovation ▼
AGME's Mantra: experiment, be unsuccessful, experiment again and re-modify at lightning speed. AGME believes in the power of courageous experimentation and we are an "innovation machine" in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Continuous Learning ▼
In a dynamic market, continuous leaning equals competitive advantage. AGME is able to consistently take new information and adapt to it and use it faster than anyone else.

Adaptability & Flexibility ▼
Being in the technological industry means being in the business of "change" - whether its engineering requirements, markets or the competition, AGME specializes in custom built projects that can be tailored to each and every kind of budget and/or technical requirement.

Employee Development ▼
We are our Employees. We have always recognized that. Along with providing our employees numerous on-job trainings and self-development opportunities, we also see the value in recruiting knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals with sound personal principles and standards.